About Us

Company Profile

Road Works Inc. specializes in meeting the needs of the customer through:

  • Asphalt crack sealing
  • Concrete joint sealing

We also consult and teach technical seminars to city and state agencies, engineering firms and property management groups.

Company History

Road Works Inc. was started in 1988 by four brothers who saw a business opportunity. They borrowed a truck and invested $5,000 into this new venture, and by 1997 had become one of the nation's largest crack sealing companies.

They started the company with no prior experience in road maintenance or the asphalt industry. This worked to their favor, by allowing them to apply their own approach to business. This approach became "Service, Quality, Efficiency, and Innovation," with the goal of providing "High Value" for the customer. By providing high value to the customer, Road Works has been able to secure a large and loyal customer base. They believe that when you work hard to gain the first job with a customer, you want to do all you can to meet that customer's needs, and by doing so, you will retain the customer.

Company Principles


  • Material: Road Works, Inc. focuses on the development of high quality crack and joint sealants that are superior in the industry.
  • Crack and Joint Preparation: Road Works, Inc. uses a heat lance on all jobs. The heat lance delivers 110 psi compressed air at a temperature of 3,000o F into the crack to remove all loose debris and moisture. It also heats the sidewalls of the crack, which allows for better adhesion of the crack sealant.
  • Process: Road Works, Inc. uses a non-standard application process that provides for a nicer-looking job. This process seals the crack while leaving very little excess material on the surface, usually less than 1/16 of an inch.


A combination of experience, innovation, investment and a continuous effort to streamline processes has enabled Road Works to out-perform other crack sealing crews in terms of overall daily work. In most cases Road Works' crews are able to do three to five times more work per day compared to other crews.


Innovation is the key to continuous improvement. Road Works has spent over $500,000 in Research and Development. Almost all equipment, trucks and materials are custom designed by Road Works to suit our customers needs.


  • Road Works, Inc. strives to meet the customer's needs in terms of using the best product and application for the job.
  • Road Works, Inc. ensures that the job is done right the first time with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible.
  • If for some reason the customer is not satisfied, Road Works will strive to meet the customers needs.
  • If for some reason the customer is not satisfied, Road Works will strive to meet the customers needs.


We focus on Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, and Service, for the purpose of creating significant value for the customer.

Executive Profiles

Larry Blocker

Experience: Teaches asphalt maintenance and asset management strategies

Education: MBA from University of Phoenix.
Under-grad work in Business Mgt. at Brigham Young University

Interests: Sailing, surfing, scuba diving, business

Kelly Blocker

Experience: Sales and Marketing for Road Works inc.
Paramedic (Orem Utah)
Business manager for Cross International Search and Recovery
Co-founder of Active Medical Supply Company

Education: Four years of college

Interests: Traveling, grand kids, fishing, scuba

Nathan Blocker

Experience: Road Works inc. Innovator and inventor: has been responsible for much of the R&D and innovations regarding our trucks, equipment and operational improvements.
Sales and Estimating

Interests: Raising his four children along with his wife, Danial, exploring remote places, rock climbing, history, scuba diving, sailing, scout master

Michael Blocker

Experience: Works on Special Projects for Road Works inc.
Conflict Resolution Consultant, specializing in high conflict custody case and personality disorders
Senior Buyer for Intel in Chandler AZ
Executive business planning and strategy for Putnam Investment in Boston
Assistant Operations Manager for Universal Foods

Education: MBA from Brigham Young University
B.S. from Cal State in Production and Operations Management
A.A. from Ricks College in Information Management Systems

Interests: Traveling, adventure, classical music