Asphalt Crack and Concrete Joint Sealing Specialists
Hot rubberized crack sealing of asphalt and concrete.

About Road Works, Inc.

Road Works Inc. specializes in meeting the needs of the customer through:

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Concrete Joint Sealing

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Why Crack Seal?

Cracking in asphalt is inevitable, and neglect leads to accelerated cracking and/or potholing, further reducing pavement life and serviceability.

The problem of cracks is handled in many ways, ranging from pavement maintenance activities, such as surface treatments (seal coating or road slurry and hot rubberized crack sealing) to full-scale pavement rehabilitation projects, such as resurfacing. Years of serviceable life can be added to pavements, through preventative maintenance routine maintenance, or both.

Crack sealing has been conducted for many years, generally on a routine basis. In the last couple decades its benefit as a preventive maintenance tool been realized.

Hot applied rubberized crack sealants perform better than cold applied Latex crack fillers that are non-elastic.
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Seminars and Training

We consult and teach technical seminars to city and state agencies, engineering firms and property management groups.

Asphalt​ ​Maintenance​ ​Strategies​ ​Seminar
This​ ​course​ ​is​ ​for​ ​Engineers,​ ​Public​ ​Works​ ​Directors​ ​and​ ​Street​ ​Superintendents. Learn more.

RW Materials

When we started Road Works, one of the nation’s largest crack sealing companies, in 1988 we recognized that the current marketplace was lacking in quality specialized materials that fit the needs of different climates and environments. With our acquired experience and understanding of the industry we began to develop and manufacture new materials - RW Materials was born.

RW Materials manufactures top quality crack seal material at our plant in Southern California. Most of our products are Cal-Trans approved and we have the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. Because we manufacture our own material we can meet any spec requirements your project calls for. Learn More about RW Materials